As you already know my name, let me start by quickly introducing myself.

I am a professional web developer (LAMP / WordPress) and an enthusiast photographer from Devon, England.

My love for photography began as a child when my parents bought me a compact film camera. From that day forward I always had a camera close by, recording family memories, things which caught my eye and sights from my walks around the countryside.

However, it was not until purchasing my first film SLR camera in 2005 did my hobby start getting a bit more serious.  Being able to have full control of my photographs and to capture the world, exactly as I saw it, was a revelation!

More recently I have switched to digital photography and DSLR cameras. I have also experimented with a wide range of photography genres and techniques, teaching myself through trial and error.

Learning photography has really opened my eyes, and senses, to the world around me. Not only has it taught me endless patience and appreciation of the simplest of things, but also the planning required to execute those special compositions.

Looking to the future, I want to build upon my experience and skills as a photographer – hopefully, “going pro”. Plus, there are so many more places to visit across the South West of England, I just need the time, money … and favourable light!

If you would like to join me on a photo walk, collaborate on a shoot, or simply know a little more – then please get in contact.